Activities proposed by Pascal H.SAMIE
University graduate engineer in Electro-acoustics
International professional musician, graduated arranger, composer member of SACEM and producer
Music therapist trained in the human sciences University of Paris Descartes

MUSIC FOR ALL workshops :

These workshops are aimed at all audiences: children, teenagers, adults, people with disabilities, personal research, professionals artists, businesses improving their communication…
It is a journey without any prerequisite, to play our false notes through the strength of the group, the opening of mind and heart, the pleasure of playing, and the final recording of a true piece of music in a professional environment.
This experience, fun, intense, but respectful of our limits, reconnects us to our sensitivity and our creativity, via music, listening to our bodies, our emotions, and our dreams. Integrating music therapy values as respect and non-judgment, these workshops lead us to reveal ourselves to others as well as ourselves
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Playful workshops based on the creativity and artistic expression of the individual reinforced by the strength of the group.


It’s the transversal developpment of our inner skills revealed through Music-therapy processes


Music assisted by computer, introduction to music, instruments, music theory, arrangement rules… To learn music first as a game and not as a competition. Band in the Box Jockey SAM invites you to discover music at your own pace and when it sounds good to you !